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LIFE  program is one of the European Commission’s “historic” programs having been operational since 1992 and is the European Union’s main financial instrument dedicated to the environment and climate action. LIFE has co-financed more than 5,500 projects across the EU mobilizing more than €12 billion in investment and contributing more than €5 billion allocated by the European Commission in co-financing. In Italy, the Program has been very successful, resulting in 979 funded projects, leading to a total investment of €1.7 billion, of which €871.5 million has been allocated as co-financing by the European Commission.

The LIFE program plays an essential role in supporting the development, implementation and updating of the Union’s policies and legislation  concerning the environment, including nature and biodiversity, and climate action, through the funding of projects of various sizes, which aim to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of effective solutions (techniques, methods and approaches) to different and complex environmental and climate change-related problems, as well as directed at ensuring the conservation and protection of nature and biodiversity. The LIFE program fully contributes to the objectives and goals of the European Green Deal.

The LIFE program’s financial envelope for the period 2021-2027 is 5,432 Million Euros distributed among its four Subprograms, “Nature and Biodiversity,” “Circular Economy and Quality of Life,” “Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation,” and “Clean Energy Transition.”